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Who goes on tours? Visitors, New Chicagoans, Girls-Days-Out, Bridal Parties,
Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Professional Groups...

Made in Chicago Designer Tour

An insider shopping tour of the best boutiques and private studios carrying local design collections. Personally meet with designers and shop sample sales!

Windy Neighborhood Boutiques Tour

Experience a charming local neighborhood that suits your style and bring home the best of Chicago's fashion finds.

Hunter Gather Tour

This is the shopping tour for ladies on a mission. Your private ShopWalk guide will customize a tour for you and escort you to the stores and the parts of town that you want to visit. It's all about you!.

Bachelorette Bustier Tour

This boutique crawl is the newest way for the Bride-to-Be to celebrate her Bachelorette, Shower, or Entertaining- Guests-in-Town event.