Camping is one of the simple pleasures that we are still able to enjoy. The key to keeping it enjoyable is to be flexible and to avoid making things too complicated. And of course, an open mind and a good attitude are very helpful too. We have been modernized for a long time, and we may not have the same skill sets of our ancestors, or the same standards. For this reason, camping can be stressful or complicated to a few. But some of our modern conveniences can be adapted for camping. Here are some clever tricks you can try to make things a little easier.

  1. Pancakes in a Bag: Mixing up the ingredients in the woods is no fun. But for pancakes you can do the mixing at home and put the mix in Ziplock bags. Then when you have the griddle hot in the morning, all you must do is snip off a corner of the bag and squirt out the mix onto the griddle.
  2. Pizza in a Cast Iron Camp Oven: Pizza is so good on a camping trip, but how to bake it? A cast iron Dutch oven is the answer. This is first rate camping equipment in Australia at affordable prices. Bring along a premade pizza crust and pizza fixings to make a pizza over the fire. You will be so happy you did.
  3. Solar Lights: it is no fun going out at night when nature calls, and you need to find your flashlight first. A good idea is to just bring along some of your solar-powered garden lights and set them up around the camp. They will be bright enough to get you around, but not so bright they keep you awake.
  4. Fire Starters: the easiest and best fire starters are toilet tissue soaked in wax and wrapped up into little squares. These squares light quick and stay burning for a very long time, more than enough time to get a stubborn fire started, and then they just disappear.
  5. Pillowcase: A lot of people can’t sleep well without a pillow, but pillows take up a lot of room. Next time just bring a pillowcase and put your softest clothes in it at night. Nothing to it.

Camping is about dropping the façade of modern sensibilities and taking some time to just be real for a while. Camping hacks can be found almost anywhere, and nothing is off the table. Let your imagination go wild and let yourself loosen up a little too. There will be plenty of time to be civilized when you get back to work.

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