Vapers find devices like hand pipes, joints, blunts, and glass bongs enjoyable to vape. There are multiple options to choose from as per your taste, style, and preferences. The most favorite choice amongst smokers is the glass bongs. It means vapers not just enjoy vaping but also other benefits that the glass bongs can offer.

Offer smooth hits

Besides regular smokers, even the beginners can enjoy the smooth hits on their first trial moments. The smoke does not irritate the vapers’ throat while inhaling. It has water, which eliminates toxins from the smoke. The inhalation process is clean and refreshing because of the water’s cooling sensation.

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Enjoy big hits

A smoker may have an urge to inhale bit hits, at times. Glass bong allows the smoker to feel good anytime with a big hit. Beginners can find it overwhelming at the start but as the bong does not get filled always, they need not be concerned. They can start small hits and generally prepare themselves to enjoy the bigger hits.


There are four essential parts in a glass bong.

  1. Tube
  2. Stem
  3. Vase
  4. Bowl

Disassemble the bong, fill the vase with sufficient water, place stem or shaft on the vase, and fill a bowl with herbs [cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs]. At the tube, end place your lips and ignite smoke using lighter. Inhale and take a hit.

Offers water filtration

Filtration of smoke is necessary to make it cool and remove tar. The sticky brown or black residue from the smoke is left back in the water. Users need to use freshwater all the time to enjoy the experience or fresh herb taste gets ruined due to original ash. As technology advanced, percolators with distinctive styles got introduced. Regular percolators create massive bubbles but the advanced ones produce small fizzes. Different percolators styles available are –

  • Honeycomb
  • Inline
  • Tree
  • Spiral

All have their unique pros and cons.

Easy cleaning

Glass material is easy to clean in comparison to wood and plastic bongs. As the material is non-porous, there is no formation of harmful residue. You can even notice any dirt or soil in the glass bongs and take care of it.


Using joints and blunts can be expensive than using glass bangs. They are designed from durable glass and serve you for a long time with regular maintenance and use.

Decorative item

Glass bongs are hand-made. It means a single work of art. You can get them modified as per your taste and preferences. It looks like a good decorative piece in your home interiors.

Enjoy vaping in style with a glass bong!

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