When Apple launches something, the world goes crazy. Be it their range of iPhones or audio devices. People used to have wired earphones and headphones for listening to music and watching videos. Suddenly it was a new wave as Apple launched its Airpods. The concept of airpods was unique and it provided a hassle-free way to listen to music and other stuff. Before airpods, everyone struggled with the problem of entangled wires in the wired earphones. It took every bit of patience to detangle them. Apple thought of something different and creative which took the world by surprise.

It was like a new solution to lots of earphone problems. Moreover, after using these AirPods people came to know about the struggles they faced while using wired earphones. After Apple, many other companies launched their version of the Airpod. Of Course, with a different name but the product had the same functions. The only point of difference was in the colour range and the price. There are so many reasons why Airpodsare better than normal earphones. Given below are some of the benefits of the airpods that most people can relate to.

  • Easy to pair Bluetooth

One of the best things about Apple Airpods is that the pairing is very easy. Normal headphones and Bluetooth earphones take a lot of time to connect to Bluetooth. But in the case of Airpods, this process gets done in seconds. The chipset used in airpods makes them efficient to use. Click the pods once and it is done.

  • Better and more versatile than usual earphones

The features of normal earphones are nothing when compared to Airpods. They will make the user experience so smooth and worthy that people will never prefer any other brand apart from Apple. In addition to it, the airpods work on Android devices as well. Therefore, if you cannot afford an iPhone, you can surely get yourself Apple airpods.

  • Your phone is not needed at all times

Another benefit of using AirPods is that they are touch-sensitive. So, you can control basic operations like receiving a call, disconnecting a phone call, and opening Siri through your AirPods only. The iphone price in dubai is better than in other countries but if still it is out of your budget, then gift yourself airpods. They will make you equally happy.

  • Long battery life

The battery life of Airpods is better than other brands. It is because the built quality and the technology used are better. It also makes the product expensive but the battery in your Airpods is going to last for days if you are using them correctly. Charging them is also simple and fast, unlike the other earphones.

  • iCloud feature in your AirPods

Once you connect your Airpods to an iPhone, it will give you access to any other Apple device in your house too. It can be an Apple smartwatch, iPad, or MacBook. Switching on the Bluetooth once will connect your Airpods to all your other devices in a single go. Hence, no need to connect, reconnect or do anything. Apple airpods are quick.


The Airpods by Apple are a boon to people who love music and portability. You can carry the case anywhere you like. No entangled wires, no risk of losing the earphones and you can connect and disconnect your device as many times as you want. Even though there are cheaper versions in the market that look more appealing, the quality established by Apple is very tough to beat. So, try to buy the original if it is in your budget.

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