All expensive watches like Rolex Submariner, Noob Replica, and Rolex Hulk Noob Replica have become an essential part of one’s outfit. It has more likely saved its spot as a part of an accessory that is fancy and classic.

When we talk about the noob watch factory situated in Guangzhou, China,it is one of the factories that produce the best quality of Noob watches. The watches made here are not only 100% real but are the reason why these watches are best-selling watches.

How to spot a fake Noob Replica and Rolex Hulk Noob Replica?

It has never been easy to spot a fake Noob Replica and Rolex Hulk Noob Replica, especially for first-time buyers or those who do not constantly surround themselves with watches. The original noob factory watches is responsible for producing authentic watches. In the past couple of years, the improvements on fake watches have been incredible. It is almost great what the newest Noob Replica looks like. The following are some of the most important tells how you can spot a fake Noob Replica and Rolex Hulk Noob Replica:

  • The brushed finishing – as many of you might know that the finishing on Noob Replica and Rolex Hulk Noob Replica is close to perfection. Every brushed or polished surface looks immaculate. The brushing is excellent, and when looking at the fake one, you can tell that they try to emulate that, and they do an excellent job as the polished flanks of the case are not well done. The links on the bracelets look good too, but the main giveaway is the brushing on the clasp. You can tell that probably a machine work the brushing into the hold by those thin straight lines compared to the grip of an authentic watch.
  • The issue with the glide lock – this difference is relatively easy to spot when you are holding the fake one. A fake Noob Replica will not include a glide lock. The glide lock on the authentic watches glides smoothly up and down and is easily adjustable, but when you compare the glide lock on the fake watch, the difference there will be huge. Sliding the bracelet up and down will feel super scratchy, and you will feel like you will ruin the glide lock when you are doing it. Besides that, though, the overall feeling of the clasp on the fake watches is shockingly good, but the scratchy glide lock on fake Noob Replica and Rolex Hulk Noob Replica is a dead giveaway.

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