The honeysuckle is in bloom, and its sweet fragrance wafts through your window along with the haunting call of the common koel – it’s summer in Australia, but in your bedroom, it still feels like winter. The old decor feels sad, drab and gloomy. If it’s so depressing you dread going to bed at night, then it’s time to do something about it. Give your tired old bedroom a brand-new summer makeover!

  • Colour

If you’re going to go for it, then go all the way by splashing on a fresh new coat of paint. Pick vivid, warm colours that capture summer’s sparkle, they will cheer you up in winter, too. Avoid boring old white, dull greys and creams and opt instead for bright greens, blues, reds, yellows or oranges to give your room an energising, vibrant atmosphere.

  • Switch out your bedding

Pack away those stuffy old winter blankets and find the perfect lightweight summer doona made of natural wool that will help keep you cool and comfortable on those sultry summer nights. New sheets and pillows will not only feel great but look fantastic if you pick colours and patterns that complement that fresh new coat of paint. It will feel so good you might just want to stay in bed all day, but you can’t! It’s summer!

  • Rearrange your space

Once the paint dries and you can bring your furnishings back in, who says they need to go back in the same old spot? Mix things up and move them around until you create a new space that suits your sassy summer self. If your old furniture looks drab and reminds you of the winter blahs, you can repaint it, too. Or, if the mood strikes, go on a shopping spree and replace it with something to suit your taste.

  • Go with some greenery

House plants add a welcome touch of the outdoors to your indoor space. Not only are they easy on the eye, but they also help you breathe easy, too by increasing your bedroom’s oxygen levels and freshening the air. House plants add life and natural colour to any room, why not your bedroom? Be sure to pick out species that will thrive in your space’s available light, and aren’t too fussy about when they get watered.

  • Hang it up

Adding some artwork to your new summery bedroom can really make it sing. If what you have isn’t inspiring you any more, then go out and get something new. Choose pieces that complement the new colour scheme, and create delight every time you look at them. Start with the walls, but a ceiling mobile and a unique sculpture for that lonely corner add excitement.

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