Spending money on a new appliance like a refrigerator will hit your budget hard. However, you can save money on this if you know how to shop for it. Below are some ways to save before you buy your dream fridge:

Purchase the Model Introduced Last Year

Buying the last year’s model will help you save hundreds of dollars off the refrigerator purchase. Consider buying in the spring as stores are under pressure to clear space for the arrival of new models.

Buy a Fridge with Simple Flaws

A fridge with a small dent or scratch could be a good find if you have a tight budget. Ask the salesperson if there is any damaged fridge for sale. Then, examine the damaged model to decide what you are willing to live with. Even a small blemish can already mean huge savings.

Purchase Only what You Need

The most expensive refrigerateur frigidaire models have all the latest bells and whistles. But, these models have features you will not need. To avoid falling for them, create a list of what you need and what brand you want before you start shopping. Then, purchase the most affordable model that meets your needs. Keep in mind that a fridge with a built-in TV will not keep your food any colder.

Find a Package Deal

If you are looking to purchase many appliances at once, an appliance package could help you save big. Retailers bundle appliances to boost their sales and such packages can provide you with significant savings over the price of buying every appliance individually.

Look for Appliance Dealers that Accept Trade-Ins

Some appliance dealers accept trade-ins and if you want to save money on a new fridge if you make a trade-in. Determine how much your current fridge is worth. A trade-in can be your ticket to a bargain.

Watch Out for Sales

You probably eyeing to buy a new fridge but you cannot afford the current price. Ask the salesperson when this model could be scheduled to go on sale. You may have to wait one or two weeks to get the price drop by up to 25%. Also, you can wait to purchase a new fridge until a holiday weekend when appliances are usually discounted for a short time.

Don’t Mind the Box

A floor model, which means an appliance that does not come with a box can help you save money on your purchase. You will enjoy the same warranty that you would get with a new-in-box fridge without its price.

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