Many parents will tell you that as soon as their kid becomes able to talk then they immediately start to change in many different ways. One of the major things that you will notice as a parent is that they will start asking for specific things and that starts with having their own bedroom. Many kids grow up sharing with their brother and sister and this is quite a normal thing all across Australia. However, when they reach a certain age milestone, they want their own room and they won’t stop asking until you provide it for them, providing you have the available space of course.

This is one room in the house where you as a parent need to let go and let your child make their own decisions, with guidance of course, and if they want car wall stickers in Australia on the walls then that should be left entirely up to them. As a parent, you probably don’t know exactly what’s going on inside any child’s mind and you shouldn’t feel bad about that at all. If you’re curious to know why it is that all kids at certain age need their own bedroom then maybe the following can shine some light on that.

  • So they can express themselves – Having their own bedroom allows them to make decorating decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to make. They have unique personalities and so you should give them space and time to express what it is that they are feeling. You will also get to see the creative side of your kid and allowing them to pick out simple things like the colour to paint the room or the colour of the curtains and duvet allows them to express themselves in a better way.
  • It gives them their privacy – This is incredibly important for growing kids because they need their personal space. They will appreciate a space that is their own and decorated in a manner that not only gives them privacy but also provides stimulation.
  • Essential peace & quiet – Although your child’s social development is absolutely essential, there are times when they need peace and quiet, either to escape other noisy house members or complete tasks such as puzzles under ther own steam. It could also offer a sanctuary for some quiet reading time, which could be worked into a daily routine.
  • Responsibility -One of the most important benefits is that your child starts to learn about responsibility and taking care of their own space. They will learn to keep the room tidy with guidance, starting with putting toys back in their boxes or similar.

If your child is starting to evolve from a baby into a child, it’s important to listen to any input they have in regard to their own room. This can often be seen as one of the first steps to independence and their desires should be accommodated if the space is available and their ideas for their room are feasible.

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