One moment our e cigarette is working fine, the next we’ve run into problems. Many vapers come across vape tank issues. Flooding and gurgling can happen when your coil is oversaturated with e liquid, causing it to struggle to maintain effective output. The e liquid is overwhelming the coil, resulting in a device which can’t vaporise all of the liquid in the tank. Here are some ways to fix your vape tank problems.

Defective Coil – Having a bad coil may be the cause of your problem, it isn’t doing its job and the e liquid inside the tank isn’t being vaporised when you hit the button. If you’ve only recently bought a new vape kit in Australia, you shouldn’t be having this problem. Most people experience issues with their coil if the component is old or has been used many times. If the piece isn’t replaced, it can lead to a number of issues, including:

  • Chamber Flooding
  • Gurgling
  • Misfire
  • Spit-back

Fortunately, having a problem with your coil is easy to fix. All you have to do is replace the component and fit a new one. Once the coil has been replaced, you’ll be ready to vape again.

Incorrect Settings – Another issue which can lead to vape tank problems is incorrect wattage settings. When you first got your vape kit, you should have read the wattage settings on the box or user manual. It provides the preferred wattages for your vaping device. Using incorrect wattage settings can cause flooding, gurgling and other issues. If your power outage is set too low or too high, it won’t correctly vaporise the e liquid.

Powerful Draws – If you are a beginner to vaping, you may be taking forceful hits that are having a negative impact on the vape tank. Most cigarette smokers are used to taking strong drags on a cigarette, and they continue this habit with their e cig devices. When you draw on the mouthpiece, remember to do so only when you press the button, not before or after. Try taking softer hits to eliminate flooding or gurgling.

Priming – If you want to take vaping to the next level, it is important to prime a new coil before you use your device. It will result in a much better taste and vaping experience. If you don’t know much about priming your coil, there are plenty of useful resources on YouTube and other sites.

Tank Assembly – Many beginners and experienced users make mistakes when assembling their e cigarettes. If you don’t seal the tank well and make sure it is air-tight, you’ll have problems with your device. Examine the tank to see if all of its components are correctly attached.

If you’ve issues with your vape tank, there are many ways to resolve it. Most of the time the problem is a defective coil which can be replaced. If you’ve checked the coil and this isn’t the issue, go through the list mentioned above to see if any of them are affecting your vaping experience. You could also bring it to a more experienced friend for help.

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