Quitting smoking can be highly challenging, and many people fail when they try giving up cold turkey and, before long, return to smoking cigarettes again. Only about 3% of people that quit smoking by going cold turkey succeed, but there is help available that can increase your chances of success, such as using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). There is also a lot of support available if you know where to look, which can help increase your chances of success when you quit smoking. Below are some tips to help you when you have had enough of being a smoker and want to stop, to help you get started and find the help you need to make the task of quitting much easier for you.

Make An Appointment With Your Doctor

When you want to quit smoking, the best place to start is by making an appointment with your doctor and discussing it with them. They can go through the changes your body will go through and ways that you can help deal with the changes to your life you are making. You can also discuss nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) with your doctor, and they can tell you the pros and cons of each of them, which can help you decide on the best one for you to use. They can also put you in contact with the local support groups in your area, which can be highly beneficial as you can discuss things with people experiencing the same feelings and through the same withdrawal as yourself.

Select The Best NRT For You

Once you have discussed the various options with your doctor, you will need to consider which NRT you prefer to use, and many choices are available. Some of the common NRTs people use to help them stop smoking include:

Nicotine Patches: Nicotine patches are discreet and straightforward to use, available in various nicotine strengths and readily available without a prescription.

Vaping: There are many different types of vaping devices you can choose from, and when it comes to the e-liquid that you use, thousands of flavour combinations are available to make it a delightful experience.

Nicotine Gum: Nicotine gum is available in various flavours and nicotine strengths, and you start chewing a piece of it when you have the urge to smoke, increasing in strength.

Nicotine Lozenges: These are similar to hard-boiled sweets, and you can start sucking a nicotine lozenge to help control your cravings to smoke.

Seek Out Support Networks

You will want your friends and family to support you with your endeavour of giving up smoking, but it can also be beneficial to use the support networks in your local area. Regular meetings will be held in your area for people who quit smoking and need support, and it often helps to be around people who understand what you are going through when you quit smoking. For more information on the support available in your area, click here, and you can find the details of all the available options that are also close to you.

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