As a pet parent, you would want the best for your dog. Choosing between a collar and harness can be a tough decision. Collars are inexpensive and considered to be a good choice for dog breeds, but dog trainers often recommend a harness. So, should you buy a plain leather dog collar for your pooch or should consider investing in a harness? Experts suggest both. Yes, you read that right. A collar is great for ensuring that your dog always has the necessary tags, while a harness has several advantages that a standard collar cannot really offer. In this post, we are discussing the many benefits of buying a harness.

  • Harnesses are great for training, and for most trainers, this is the foremost thing that’s required to control and impart lessons. Also, a harness offers considerable control on the animal. If you have a pup, you may do better with a harness, where the leash is less likely to get tangled in his legs.

  • For new pet parents, using a harness is better for walks. If you check online stores, you will find a wide range of options. Go for back-clip harnesses, if your dog is well-behaved and trained, and in case you need more control and would want to direct the animal during a walk, go for something like a front-clip harness.
  • For certain dog breeds, harness is always a better choice than a collar, if you had to choose one between the two. Pugs, for instance, can suffer from what’s called proptosis, which occurs when there is extreme pressure on the neck that causes the eyeballs to pop out. For smaller dog breeds in general, harnesses are great for preventing injuries.
  • With a harness on, your dog cannot pull forward, especially with front-clip harnesses. You will be able to walk the dog, even when you don’t have enough experience. Pulling will also stop in no time, as the animal will figure out that the action doesn’t really help. Dogs are smarter than we think.

  • If your dog is an escape artist and can get out of a collar, harness is an obvious alternative. Make sure that you check for harnesses that are comfortable and have leather padding. Online stores are always better for finding a wider range of options.

Get your dog a harness and a collar – We promise that you and your pet will enjoy those walks more!

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